FM Dimitrov Meets ODIHR SEAM Head Andrikiene

Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikola Dimitrov held a meeting on Tuesday with Head of ODIHR Special Election Assessment Mission (SEAM) to Macedonia Laima Andrikiene, at which the interlocutors discussed the 2020 parliamentary election that took place in Macedonia on 15 July. “Successful elections allow for the formation of a political government over the course of the summer, set to continue implementing key reforms, including overcoming election process and legislative weaknesses, in line with ODIHR recommendations. Despite the pandemic, voters were able to make informed decisions based on a competitive campaign and free media reports and to cast their votes in democratic and genuinely competitive process,” Dimitrov said. ODIHR SEAM Head Andrikiene reiterated the evaluation that the election was conducted in a peaceful and democratic atmosphere, underlining that ODIHR expresses expectations that the implementation of reforms aiming to improve election legislation and strengthen election bodies’ capacities will continue in future.