Zaev: New Government to Be Formed After 2 August

SDSM leader Zoran Zaev said in an interview for web portal A1ON that SDSM has won the majority of votes and mandates at the 2020 parliamentary election, which means that they will form the new Macedonian government. “We had fair, democratic and crystal-clear elections that demonstrated the democratic capacity of our country and of SDSM as well, being a political option and a ruling party. In three elections in a row, the citizens voted in a free and democratic atmosphere and SDSM has won all three elections. Is there a greater success than the citizens entrusting you to lead in a free atmosphere? The majority of citizens stated clearly that they want a safe, prosperous, European country which is building friendly relations with its neighbours. It was obvious that the opposition will not win the election in the very moment when they started promoting ideas for reversing the agreements with Bulgaria and Greece, which are necessary for securing our European future. I am certain that it will be formed right after 2 August, after the Ilinden holidays,” Zaev said.