SDSM and DUI Mark Progress in Negotiations for New Government

The press centre of SDSM reported on Monday that a new meeting between SDSM leader Zoran Zaev and DUI leader Ali Ahmeti is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon. According to SDSM, their working groups and those of DUI have already made significant progress in the negotiations for the formation of a new government. “The teams of SDSM and DUI proceed with the negotiations. So far, a significant progress has been made in all aspects which lead towards the formation of the new government. In order to establish the new government sooner so that it can deal with everyday issues, like the COVID-19 pandemic, party leader Zaev and Ahmeti are to meet tomorrow. A final agreement for formation of new government is expected to be reached at this meeting,” they report from SDSM via a press release. Later on, Monday, from SDSM they also informed that a meeting of the party’s central and executive committee will take place on Wednesday.