Partners in “We Can” Voice Support for New Government of SDSM, DUI

SDSM leader Zoran Zaev and SDSM Sec Gen Ljupco Nikolovski held on Wednesday evening a meeting with the leaders of the other parties which are part of the alliance “We Can” headed by SDSM. At the meeting, Zaev and Nikolovski informed the other party leaders of the agreement for formation of new government reached with DUI and their leader Ali Ahmeti, and presented the programme for the new government and the new ministers they intend to nominate. The partners of SDSM in the “We Can” alliance voiced unanimous support to the programme of SDSM for the new government. “The new government headed by SDSM will place main focus on improving the economic standards, implementation of reforms in the public administration and its reduction by 20 %, purge in the judiciary, inspection of the assets of all state officials, initiatives and projects for better environment etc. Of course, our main priority will be the process for integration of our country in the EU, which is why we are suggesting the appointment of state officials that are honourable, responsible and highly professional,” Zaev said at the meeting.