SDSM, DUI Reveal Names of New Ministers in New Government

SDSM leader Zoran Zaev revealed the names of the new ministers nominated by SDSM for assuming the offices in the new government. The new ministers and the programme of the new government were endorsed by the central board of SDSM at a meeting held on Wednesday evening. As Zaev revealed, the new ministers from SDSM are as follows: Fatmir Bytyqi as Deputy PM for Economic Affairs, Ljupco Nikolovski as Deputy PM for Struggle against Corruption, Nikola Dimitrov as Deputy PM for European Affairs, Oliver Spasovski as Interior Minister, Bojan Maricic as Justice Minister, Radmila Sekerinska as Defence Minister, Blagoj Bocvarski as Transport and Communications Minister, Jagoda Sahpaska as Labour and Social Policy Minister, Irena Stefoska as Culture Minister, Venko Filipce as Health Minister and Mila Carovska as Education Minister. Goran Milevski from LDP will remain Minister of Local Self-government, while BESA will nominate the new Minister of Agriculture. The central board of DUI also held a meeting on Wednesday in Tetovo, at which DUI leader Ali Ahmeti revealed the names of the new ministers from DUI and which offices they would assume: Artan Grubi as first Deputy PM, a new post in the government, and Minister of Political System and Inter-ethnic Relations, Bujar Osmani as Foreign Affairs Minister, Fatmir Besimi as Finance Minister, Kreshnik Bekteshi as Economy Minister and Naser Nuredini as Environment Minister. DUI will also nominate a new Minister of Information Society and Administration. Ahmeti also informed that Talat Xhaferi will be re-elected as Speaker of the Parliament of Macedonia, and that the constitutive session of the Parliament of Macedonia will resume around noon on Thursday.