Final Differences Over European Affairs Committee Being Ironed Out

On Thursday or Friday, the Committee on Election and Appointment Issues will most likely determine the draft composition of Parliament’s working bodies. This possibility is being opened following today’s coordination meetings and adjustments among the four Parliamentary Groups at which the final differences, that is, the ones related to the chairing of the European Affairs Committee are being ironed out, Telma TV reported on Wednesday. VMRO-DPMNE said it would give support at a committee level and during the plenary session. That support may also mean getting a quorum because the ruling majority currently doesn’t have one. The fragile majority of 62 MPs has been without one mandate since the start of August. Jagoda Sahpaska became the Minister of Labour and Social Police, but the mandate of her successor, Emilija Rambabova, still hasn’t been verified. DUI MP Arben Ziberi isn’t able to attend a session because he was hospitalised on Monday.