Bulgaria Reportedly Sends Conditions Memorandum Concerning Macedonia

Bulgaria has sent an explanatory memorandum with conditions to EU countries concerning Macedonia’s integration path. Authorities in Sofia are asking them to support their position regarding the Macedonian identity and language. As Radio Free Europe, which says it had insight into the document, reports, several claims were listed that the Macedonian nation is a creation of Josip Broz Tito, while the Macedonian language is a norm of Bulgarian. “The Macedonian language or ethnic group hadn’t existed until 2 August 1944. Their creation is part of the complete building of an individual non-Bulgarian identity, whose goal was to cut the ties between the population of the then-Socialist Republic of Macedonia and Bulgaria,” it is said in the six-page document. According to the text, implementing bilateral deals that will be part in Chapter 35 should be an integral part of the negating framework. Member States will need to assess whether those deals are efficiently fulfilled. Bulgaria’s blackmail includes also another condition, which concerns the minorities.