Zaev Believes Historical Issues shouldn’t be Avoided

Goce Delcev is a Macedonian revolutionary, but it’s a fact that Bulgarians consider him to be a Bulgarian one, according to PM Zoran Zaev. “We have Delcevo, a city named after the revolutionary. Bulgarians have the city of Goce Delcev. There are statues of him everywhere. Bulgarian PM Boyko Borissov and I bowed together at both the statue of Delcev in Blagoevgrad and at his tomb in Skopje,” Zaev said on Wednesday, adding that a solution would be found to those issues. According to him, if historical issues are avoided, swept under the rug, and not discussed, that will not be a good European future for the Western Balkans. Zaev and his Bulgarian counterpart will discuss the Delcev issue at the meeting the former expects to be held before 10 November in Sofia.