Spasovski Meets EU Delegation Representatives

On Monday, Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski held a meeting with EU Delegation representatives Freek Janmaat (Head of Operations 1: Economic Issues, Institution-Building, Cross-Border Cooperation), Nicola Bertolini (Head of Cooperation), and Danica Stosevska (Programme Manager). They considered the Ministry-Delegation cooperation so far with regards to implementation of IPA-financed projects. Bertolini said he was satisfied with what had been achieved in the frames of the already implemented projects being realised in the Ministry. He hopes the intensity of the cooperation will not change. Spasovski, on behalf of the Ministry, thanked the Delegation for the support so far, saying it was of key importance to his institution. He added that all resources would be provided in order for there to be maximum and rational use of the financial support intended to achieve EU standards with regards to policing.