Epidemiological Surveys Completed, MPs Will Not Go in Isolation

No MP or parliamentary employee will be isolated because of COVID-19 after it was announced that two MPs tested positive for the virus. MP Laze Tanevski from SDSM through his Facebook profile announced that he is positive on COVID-19, while previously the parliamentary services informed about MP Ismail Jahoski from DUI. Tanevski took corona test because he wished to travel abroad with his family and is currently in isolation at home, while Jahoski had a fever and was hospitalized at the Infectious Diseases Clinic. The Minister of Health, Venko Filipce, stated earlier that day that during that it will soon be known how many MPs should go in self-isolation because the epidemiological surveys are still being prepared. The Cabinet of the Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi does not comment on how the work of the legislature will go in the coming weeks. The first Deputy Prime Minister in the Government Artan Grubi said that the Parliament must start working online, pointing out that the Government will hold a session the next day through the Zoom application.