Zaev Assessed Mickoski’s Claim as Irresponsible

Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani rejects the claims by VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski that Bulgaria is seeking a new agreement between Skopje and Sofia that would include constitutional changes. According to Osmani, there are no talks with the Bulgarian side on new agreements, only intensified talks on several levels in order to overcome the current open issues and strengthen the work of the mixed historical commission. “There is no new agreement, but there is a strengthening of mutual communication on several levels. Relations with neighbours are not regulated by placing daily information in the public, much less speculation or tendentious statements that aim to heat up the situation. The European perspective is a challenge for the whole country, and not only for the Government, and it is a duty for each of us,” Osmani wrote on his Facebook profile. Osmani’s reaction follows after Mickoski in an interview publicly called him to clarify the information whether Zakharieva asked him for new agreement. Prime Minister Zoran Zaev did not comment on the statement of the opposition leader. He says that the talks with Bulgaria continue taking into account the Macedonian interests, but also those of Sofia.