Johansson Asks Bulgarian PM to Unblock Frontex Agreement with Macedonia

The joint action of Macedonia and FRONTEX in the country has been shaken, after Bulgaria blocked the implementation of the initialled agreement on joint border management. This was stated by EU Commissioner for Home Affairs Ylva Johansson at a press briefing in Brussels. She confirmed to reporters that she was in constant contact with the government in Sofia in order to overcome the blockade as soon as possible. “Macedonia can’t finalize the border management agreement with the European Union due to the bilateral dispute with Bulgaria. The European Union has begun concluding these agreements with the countries of the Western Balkans to integrate them into border management in order to prevent ‘irregular migration’,” Johansson said. Meanwhile, as EU tries to reconcile internally on important issues such as the operation of FRONTEX, the Macedonian government reiterates that it has done everything that was asked of it and expects negotiations to begin in December under the German presidency.