Zaharieva: Currently No Way to Approve Start of Macedonia’s EU Negotiations

Bulgaria remains firmly in its position, that Bulgaria’s position can’t be changed due to external pressure,” said Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ekaterina Zaharieva for BTV. Minister Zaharieva stated that there is no way at this stage to say “yes” to the start of negotiations between Macedonia and the EU. “Our support for Macedonia has never been unconditional. Bulgaria does not dispute the language and modern identity of its population. We made our position very clear. Now it is very visible to the public. As early as last year, the government submitted a declaration to parliament, which was supported by all parties. So, our attitude towards Macedonia is not new, as some claim. I think we have a unification of all on this topic,” said the Minister. She pointed out that it is in Bulgaria’s interest for all Western Balkan countries to join the EU.