DM Sekerinska, UK Ambassador Galloway Visit Krivolak Military Grounds

Defence Minister Radmila Sekerinska and British Ambassador to Macedonia Rachel Galloway paid a visit to the Krivolak training grounds of the Macedonian Army (ARM), where they attended military exercises of members of the Light infantry combat team of ARM, in cooperation with soldiers from the Army of the United Kingdom. “The Light infantry combat team unit, along with the special forces, will be our first army capacities which will become NATO capacities, which will conduct trainings and exercises with the partners from NATO, in this case the United Kingdom. This cooperation will help ARM to achieve the necessary standards of an army of a NATO member-state. We are very thankful for the support we receive from the UK, and I hope that by 2022, our country will secure what was declared as its NATO resource and obligations, and the skills demonstrated by our soldiers here today convince us that we are on the right track,” Sekerinska said. British Ambassador Galloway said that this cooperation is only a prolongation of the good bilateral relations between the UK and Macedonia in scope of NATO.