Zaev: Sofia’s Positions do not Reflect Desires of Majority of Bulgarians

PM Zoran Zaev said in an interview for Deutsche Welle on Wednesday that the decision of official Sofia for blockade of the EU membership negotiations with Macedonia does not reflect the wishes of the majority of the citizens of Bulgaria. “I can say that majority of the people in Bulgaria, and even PM Boyko Borissov himself, did not want this to happen, but he has coalition partners whose interests he has to meet. I also believe that DM Krasimir Karakachanov also loves North Macedonia, but in a rather wrong manner. I responsibly claim that our country has no pretentions neither over the territory nor over the people in Bulgaria. We do have a mutual history, but at some point, it was divided to Macedonian and Bulgarian, and in such conditions, we should build our friendship. My motives, and the motives of the government of North Macedonia are friendly towards Bulgaria,” Zaev said.