Zaharieva: Skopje’s Hate Speech and Sexism Unacceptable in EU

Bulgarian Foreign Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva said in an interview for Bulgarian TV Nova that she is appalled by the usage of hate speech towards Bulgaria in Macedonia. “For a year and a half now, we see no signs of change of the culture in North Macedonia towards Bulgaria. As a woman, I must protest the language full of sexism used there. Sexism does not belong in the EU. When one not only tolerates, but also stimulates state policies based on hatred towards Bulgaria and Bulgarian people, you cannot just start membership negotiations with them. Such a behaviour in the EU is unacceptable,” Zaharieva said. Her reaction follows a tweet of the President and Member of the Management Board of the Macedonian Informative Agency (MIA) Zoran Ivanov, which also prompted the Macedonian government to initiate a procedure for his dismissal.