Gov’t Declares State of Crisis, CMC Prepares Action Plan Against COVID-19

The Government of Macedonia reached a decision at its Friday session to declare a state of crisis on the entire territory of Macedonia that will last for 30 days, amidst the latest increase in number of new cases and deaths of COVID-19. Last week, the Security Council of the State, chaired by president Stevo Pendarovski, suggested the government to declare a state of crisis. As part of the activities for maintaining the state of crisis, the government also obliged the Crisis Management Centre (CMC) to prepare an Action Plan for prevention of the spreading of the coronavirus among the citizens. On Saturday, the Main Headquarters of CMC assembled at the government, where they adopted the Action Plan for dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. “We intend to intensify the media campaign in order to raise the awareness among the citizens of the potential health risks from COVID-19, in cooperation with NGOs,” said Acting Director of CMC Stojance Angelov.