Osmani: Good-Neighbourliness Agreement is Solution for Disputes with Bulgaria

Foreign Affairs Minister Bujar Osmani said at a press conference on Thursday that the resolution for the bilateral disputes between Macedonia and Bulgaria lies within the Good-neighbourliness Agreement. “By creating an Action Plan, we will make the implementation of the Agreement more predictable, and show that we are not running away from our obligations. Our goal is to reinstate the trust in this Agreement and the process for its implementation. If the trust in this process is completely lost, then we shall be back where we were 30 years ago. It is our obligation to implement this process and maintain the trust in it., hence the appointment of Vlado Buckovski as a special representative for Bulgaria. The COVID-19 only reduced the dynamics, but it did not block the process completely. We receive support for resolution of the bilateral disputes by all other EU member-states, but we also cannot expect the EU itself to have a symmetrical approach towards a member-state and a country intending to become a member state,” Osmani said.