Zaev: Macedonian-Bulgarian Commission Makes Progress over Certain Issues

PM Zoran Zaev said at a press conference that the Macedonian-Bulgarian Commission on Historic Affairs has made certain progress over some of the issues discussed. “The government is ready to publish some of the registries of the meetings of this Commission at some of the following sessions, and the conclusions they have reached may be introduced in the new textbooks in schools starting with school year 2021/2022, both in North Macedonia and Bulgaria, for matter connected to historical figures like Tsar Samuil, Ss. Cyril and Methodius and St. Clement of Ohrid. Dialogue with Bulgaria must continue, no matter the outcome of the upcoming meeting of EU Ministers on 8 December. We already prepared the citizens that the membership negotiations with the EU may not start by the end of 2020, but no matter the outcome, we proceed with the negotiations with official Sofia. We must work on full implementation of the Good-neighbourliness Agreement,” PM Zaev said.