Kyuchyuk: Skopje, Sofia Must Focus on Good-Neighbourliness Agreement

Rapporteur for Macedonia at the European Parliament Ilhan Kyuchyuk said that Macedonia and Bulgaria need to shift focus once again on the implementation of the Good-neighbourliness Agreement. “Skopje and Sofia need to revisit the foundations of the Good-neighbourliness Agreement, and should stop staring towards short-termed horizons till March 2020. We need to re-establish the trust within the Good-neighbourliness Agreement, for it is the only way for both countries to overcome their bilateral disputes,” Kyuchyuk said. In meantime, Austrian Minister of Foreign Affairs Alexander Schallenberg voiced regret that Macedonia and Albania did not start the EU membership negotiations under the German presidency with EU, and requested the upcoming Portuguese presidency of the EU to proceed with the focus on the process for enlargement of EU. In meantime, the European Movement International (EMI) situated in Brussels called upon the Council of Europe to moderate the process for start of the membership negotiations with Macedonia and Albania, stating that a decision to start the negotiations with these countries on time represents an investment in the security and prosperity of future generations of the EU.