Government Employees to be Tested for COVID-19 Through Private Laboratory

Government employees will be tested for COVID-19 through a private laboratory. The General and Common Affairs Sector has signed a deal with a private laboratory for 260 PCR tests, each of whom costs 1,900 denars (around 30 euros). The press service says it has achieved the lowest price. The deal was signed 12 days ago. 8,000 euros in budget funds have been allocated. The document submitted to the Public Procurement Bureau says that the contractual organ has faced the need for unplanned, increased, and additional activities to prevent the spread of COVID-19, as well as that the money is from the November Supplementary Budget. Commenting on whether the decision is ethical and whether trust in state laboratories has been harmed, the press service adds that all laboratories had a right to participate in the tender, including the Public Health Institute, but a private company was selected with which the most favourable offer was reached. According to several media reports, the private company is Avicena Laboratory.