Karakachanov: Pressure from US Will Not Change Attitude Towards Macedonia

Bulgarian Minister of Defence and Deputy PM Krasimir Karakachanov says that he does not expect pressure on the Macedonian issue from the new leadership of the US. “I do not expect pressure and this is the second great naivety of the politicians in Skopje that with the change of leadership in the United States, someone will press Bulgaria and Bulgaria will bow down. I use your ether to tell them once again. Do not hope for that, as the Bulgarian people say on both sides of the border, on this side of Osogovo and on the other. Get your work done, implement the friendship and good neighbourly agreement and things will work out. Stop educating young people on hate speech against Bulgarians, because we are one nation and that is completely meaningless, unproductive and will not lead them to the EU,” Karakachanov told Bulgarian TV Nova.