Government: Action Plan for Negotiations with Bulgaria Finalised

Governmental Spokesperson Dusko Arsovski said at a press conference that the Action plan for negotiations with Bulgaria over bilateral disputes is finalised and that the state can start the implementation of some of the points contained in it. “The government remains strongly motivated to reach mutually acceptable solutions via dialogue for some of the disputes with Bulgaria. Expert teams from the Foreign Ministries of both countries are in constant communication, and FM Bujar Osmani already announced a more rational approach from our side to the negotiations. Any public appearance and performance, no matter the political affiliation, should serve in favour on establishing friendly ambient for dialogue thanks to which it will be easier for both sides to reach mutually acceptable solutions for the bilateral disputes. The Macedonian position is clear: we do not negotiate over the Macedonian identity and language no matter what, and we also call upon everyone to refrain from hate speech towards both sides, because that will bring no benefit to anyone,” Arsovski said.