Europe House Opens in Kriva Palanka

President of Macedonia Stevo Pendarovski and EU Ambassador to Macedonia David Geer attended the opening of the new Europe House in Kriva Palanka, the second one of this type after the one in Skopje. “After the Europe House in Skopje, we are very glad to open the second one here, in Kriva Palanka. Here, we will be able to listen to the voice of the youth about the challenges they face every day, in political, economic, cultural and many other fields. This place will significantly improve the participation of young people in decision making processes in our society,” Pendarovski said. Ambassador Geer said that the idea for opening Europe House in Skopje and in Kriva Palanka came from discussions with students all over the country. “I am very glad that we are giving young people room where they can express themselves and contribute to policies that shape up this modern society and its European perspectives,” Geer said.