Zaev: Chinese COVID-19 Vaccines to Arrive in Country by End of February

PM Zoran Zaev expects that the Chinese COVID-19 vaccines of the producer Sinopharm may arrive in Macedonia by the end of February. “The holiday period with the Chinese New Year ended around 19 February, after which both me and FM Bujar Osmani addressed letters to official Beijing to request acceleration of the process for procurement of Chinese vaccines. The Health Ministry procured 200,000 doses of this vaccine, and we believe they can arrive by the end of February. When it comes to the Russian vaccines, we are yet to sign the pre-contracts for procurement, and only then we may know when they will arrive in our country,” Zaev said. The Health Ministry also informed that so far 1,040 doctors, nurses and other medical workers covered in the first phase of immunisation against COVID-19 have received a Pfizer vaccine at the Clinic for Infectious Diseases in Skopje, while over 63,000 citizens have registered for vaccination at the web site In meantime, the Institute for Immunobiology and Human Genetics at the Faculty of Medicine in Skopje started a project titled “How Immune Are We To COVID-19” in order to determine the percentage of the country’s population which have become immune to COVID-19, i.e. have developed anti-bodies against the virus. The project kicked off with testing of citizens at the Leptokarija square in Skopje, where citizens picked at random were taken blood samples in order to determine whether they have anti-bodies for COVID-19 or not.