Government: Actions of Bulgarian President Radev Not Good

Governmental Spokesperson Dusko Arsovski reiterated at a press conference in the government the positions of PM Zoran Zaev concerning the actions of Bulgarian President Rumen Radev for protection of the right of ethnic Bulgarians in Macedonia. “The PM said the official position of the government upon this matter yesterday. We remain with cautious rhetoric. Both Skopje and Sofia should be careful with the bilateral relations and negotiations, since both our countries are NATO members and should not communicate between each other in such manner,” Arsovski said. Radev’s actions were also met with negative comments by Defence Minister Radmila Sekerinska. “I have never heard of a single case in which secret security services worked positively or usefully for development of human rights, so I think Bulgarian President Radev’s actions are the wrong steps to take. North Macedonia has invested so much in the respect of the rights of all ethnic communities in this country, and as a society, we demonstrated such openness that not even some more experiences democrats could not demonstrate,” Sekerinska said.