Parliament Endorses Government in Confidence Vote with 62 Votes

With 62 votes in favour, the Parliament of Macedonia has endorsed the government in the confidence vote that took place on Wednesday. The MPs from VMRO-DPMNE were not present in the hall during the vote, after their coordinator Nikola Micevski said that they will leave the session because no discussion upon the no-confidence vote was allowed. PM Zoran Zaev, who proposed the no-confidence voting himself, addressed the session prior to the voting, calling upon all of the MPs to cast their votes for the no-confidence motion against the government filed by the opposition. “In the past days, we are constantly listening to news coming from different sides, with the opposition claiming it takes over the majority in the Parliament. We must end these speculations once and for all. If they really have the majority, let’s see it in action. This no-confidence vote is the right thing for all of us to see who has the majority in the Parliament. The citizens are constantly bombarded with fake news about alleged new majority the opposition led by VMRO-DPMNE has formed, and as a government, we can no longer allow this uncertainty,” Zaev said before the vote.