Pendarovski Takes Part in Debate on Brain-Drain Issue

President of Macedonia Stevo Pendarovski attended and addressed on Thursday an online debate focusing on the brain-drain problem in Macedonia, organised by the European Youth Network for Democracy, as part of the activities of the Presidential Institute for Political Education. “We cannot completely stop the process of brain-drain, but we can implement policies to reduce it. Many factors, like unfavourable economic position, unfunctional system of the institutions of the state and corruption, are the main reasons why young people decide to leave our country. Young people should be more critical towards the politicians and monitor their work. By activating themselves in society and social processes, young people can influence the creation of policies. The state should also tailor its policies in accordance with the necessities of the young people, so that they have real chances for personal and career development here and not seek it in other countries,” Pendarovski said.