Ambassador Koundouros Addresses State Institutions and Diplomatic Missions in Country

On the occasion of the celebration of the National Day of Greece on March the 25th and the 200th anniversary of the beginning of the Greek struggle for independence and establishment of the modern Greek state, the Ambassador of the Hellenic Republic in North Macedonia, Mr. Roussos Koundouros, has addressed to the State Institutions of the Republic of North Macedonia and his counterparts of all diplomatic missions in Skopje the following letter:



On March 25th the Hellenic Republic is celebrating 200 years from the beginning of the Hellenic Revolution of 1821.

The Revolution of a historic Nation against the Ottoman rule was inspired by the European Enlightenment, as well as by the highest ideals of national independence, separation of powers, freedom and equality of the American and French Revolutions. It constituted a major event of pan European dimensions and, as it was successful, it impacted on the history of this region as a whole.

The Greeks today, we pay tribute to the great patriots and protagonists of this noble struggle. To all Greeks of those times, from Epirus, Macedonia and the Aegean Sea islands till Crete and Cyprus, also from the diaspora in Europe, who stood up and sacrificed themselves for Greece’s freedom in adverse circumstances and against all odds.

We equally honour the Philhellenes, Europeans and Americans, who volunteered and fought side by side with the Greeks.

The Revolution led to the Independence of Greece and the foundation of the modern times Greek state. The latter’s first one and a half centuries of existence, reflecting also the history of Europe, were marked by substantial general progress, but also by war and destruction, loss of ancient homeland, periods of limited freedoms and division, poverty and emigration.

The last five decades, Greece has been experiencing uninterrupted stable democracy and institutions, rule of law, respect for public freedoms and individual rights of all its citizens, coupled with remarkable economic and social development.

Since 1981, it is member state of the European Union and is committed to the historic common efforts to ensure peace and progress for the whole Continent and its peoples with no return to past confrontations.

In its international relations, Greece, a founding member of the United Nations, stands firmly for peaceful coexistence among Nations, based on full respect for the principles of the Charter, which banned the threat or the use of force and prescribed the peaceful resolution of disputes, as well as on strict compliance with International Law, Treaties and Conventions by all.

Looking forward with optimism, Greece spares no effort aimed at achieving stable peace, good neighbourly relations and prosperity, in cooperation with all Nations in South East Europe and in the Eastern Mediterranean.

In this spirit and in full compliance with the Prespa Agreement, Greece is convinced about the perspectives that exist to further promote friendly relations with North Macedonia, to the benefit of the respective societies and peoples. North Macedonia’s European bid is welcomed and supported in this context.

I avail myself of this opportunity to express, Excellencies, the assurance of my highest consideration”.