Stoltenberg: NATO Membership Places Country on Path to Stability

Macedonia is a valuable ally of NATO,” said NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in congratulating, North Macedonia’s successful first year in the Alliance. In a video address on the occasion, he said that Macedonia is a sovereign country in a strong Alliance, with its place on the NATO table and an equal voice in shaping decisions. It is the end of a journey paved with courage and determination, which set Macedonia on the path of stability and prosperity, surrounded by 29 friends and allies, and that is good for the citizens of Macedonia, for regional security and transatlantic security, says Stoltenberg. “Together with the Minister of Defence Radmila Sekerinska, I met your special units that were training in Skopje. I also met your highly professional brave troops fighting international terrorism when I visited Kabul. North Macedonia is a reliable exporter of security,” Stoltenberg said, welcoming the plan to invest 2% of GDP in defence. The Secretary General also referred to NATO solidarity in the face of a pandemic, new security threats and said that the next NATO Summit would set an ambitious agenda for the future of the Alliance through the NATO 2030 initiative.