Optimism After Zaev’s Meeting with AA and Alternative

It will be analysed how many people in the country do not have Macedonian citizenship, and then legal changes will be made at Parliament so that no one is wronged – is the outcome of Prime Minister Zaev’s meeting with the coordinator of the parliamentary group of AA and Alternative who blocked Parliament for several months due to this law. There is no agreement for unblocking, they only agreed that in a week time, both the Albanian opposition and the line ministries should find permanent solutions for the Law on Citizenship, and then cross their proposals. “We agreed that this number, although it is believed at 1500-1600 people, in the registry records is somewhere around 800-850 people, and is different. We distinguished that citizens who have a birth certificate, who were born in the country, is one issue, and citizens who acquire citizenship by naturalization, or more specifically marriage, is another issue, and how to deal with this,” said PM Zaev.