Mijalkov Sentenced Eight Years in Prison in “Vault” Case

Former director of UBK Saso Mijalkov, the first accused in the “Vault” case for abuse of official position and authority, was sentenced to a single sentence of eight years. The former head of the Fifth Directorate of the Ministry of Interior, Goran Grujevski, who is inaccessible to the law enforcement authorities, was sentenced to 15 years in prison. “The defendant Saso Mijalkov, together with the other defendants deliberately committed the criminal acts and the agreements were concluded with the sole purpose of gaining benefit in favour of FINZI DOOEL Skopje,” said Judge Dzeneta Begtovic. At the same time, with the verdict, funds in the amount of 10,819,959 denars of the company Finzi were confiscated. The Criminal Court – Skopje also ordered immediate detention of Saso Mijalkov, until the verdict becomes final.