Parliament Adopts Fifth Package of Economic Measures

SDSM MP Biljana Kostadinovska Stojcevska was transported by private institution’s ambulance, although infected with coronavirus, to the Parliament on Sunday, in order to secure the necessary majority to attend the 32nd and 36th parliamentary sessions. Before the beginning of the sessions, she wrote on social networks that she will participate in the session. “My duty as an MP is permanent and noble. Both healthy and sick, I have an obligation to do everything for the citizens to receive the help that the Government has provided for them. The citizens will win and will see again the difference between SDSM and VMRO-DPMNE, ones doing everything for the people and the others everything against,” wrote Kostadinovska Stojcevska. Apart from her, MP Miroslav Bogdanovski, who is also positive for the virus, attended and voted in full protective gear. After the two sessions, MP Elmi Aziri from the Alliance for Albanians said that he believes that what happened in the Parliament is a classic abuse of the post of Parliament Speaker. Dimitar Apasiev from Levica announced that he will file criminal charges against PS Talat Xhaferi and the two COVID-19 positive MPs, for biological terrorism.