PM Zaev Participates in Discussion at Delphi Economic Forum in Greece

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev participated on Thursday in a panel discussion at the Delphi Economic Forum that took place in Athens, Greece. PM Zaev spoke about the benefits from the Prespa Agreement, as well as the current events in scope of the EU-integration of official Skopje. “With the Prespa Agreement we removed the final obstacle on our way to becoming a full-fledged NATO member-state. I am proud that North Macedonia and Greece managed to resolve the name dispute, and now we need your support for our integration in the EU. Bulgaria came up with a problem, which I cannot explain, because it is ridiculous and inexistant, but still, we need to find a solution that goes in favour of both our countries. I believe we can find a solution, because that is the only thing that separates us from the first inter-governmental conference with Brussels,” Zaev said.