Decisive Strike 21 Exercise Officially Starts at Krivolak

The activities for the great international military exercise “Decisive Strike 21” officially started at the Krivolak Military Training Grounds. The exercises will be caried out by soldiers from the Macedonian Army (ARM), as well as from the armies of the US, Bulgaria and Greece. ARM Head of the Operations Command Major General Pavle Arsoski pointed out in his address that this exercise is a part of the greater operation “Defender Europe 21” and that it will increase the interoperability between the NATO allies. NATO Military Representative, Brigadier General Jonathan Chestnut pointed out that the mutual work, maintenance of collective spirit and solidarity make the NATO alliance special. The ceremony for the start of “Decisive Strike 21” was also attended by Head of the Training and Doctrine Command of ARM, Brigadier General Metodi Hadzi-Janev, Senior Defence Official and Defence Attaché at the US Embassy in Skopje Peter Rowell, Defence Attaché at the Bulgarian Embassy Lieutenant Colonel Plamen Nikolov and Defence Attaché at the Greek Embassy Colonel Georgios Akriotis.