Official Sofia: Our Positions Towards Skopje Remain Unchanged

Caretaker Foreign Affairs Minister of Bulgaria Svetlan Stoev said during the visit of Enlargement Commissioner at the European Commission (EC) Oliver Varhelyi and Portuguese Minister of Foreign Affairs Augusto Santos Silva to Sofia that Bulgaria will not change its official positions towards Skopje concerning the open bilateral disputes between the two countries. “We remain open for negotiations with official Skopje and we hope for open and constructive dialogue, however, we have no authority to change the official positions of Bulgaria upon these matters for they have already been agreed by political parties in the Bulgarian Parliament. For us, the guarantees for proper and full implementation of the Good-Neighbourliness Agreement from 2017 are of crucial importance, and we hope that the good-intentioned approach by Sofia will be properly welcomed and estimated by Skopje,” Stoev told Varhelyi and Silva. Bulgarian president Rumen Radev said at his meeting with Varhelyi and Silva that the EU enlargement remains priority for official Sofia, but that they also want to see clear guarantees for protection of their national security and interests.