Main Crisis Staff Accepts COVID-19 Situation Recommendations

The Main Crisis Staff has accepted the recommendations concerning the COVID-19 situation for the period after 1 June whose final adoption is expected to take place at the Government’s session scheduled for Tuesday. If adopted, they will mean that wearing face masks will be mandatory only in public transport and closed areas, presence of crowd at sport matches in the open air at up to 30% of the capacity will be allowed, and there will be an end of the ban on gathering of more than four persons. Also, organisation of weddings and celebrations at summer terraces of restaurants (up to 100 guests) will be allowed, while the measure for remote work or work in shifts will be annulled. The curfew from midnight to 4 am will continue until 15 June. Afterwards, the Infectious Diseases Commission will make an additional decision. On Monday, Health Minister Venko Filipce said vaccination confirmation and PCR certificates were enough to enter Greece. Regarding the vaccines, he said this week should see another 70,000 doses arrive, that is, 50,000 from Bulgaria and 20,000 from Greece.