Recommendations to Relax Anti-coronavirus Measures Accepted by Government

The Government has made a decision to relax the anti-COVID-19 measures in accordance with the Crisis Staff’s recommendations due to the improved situation with regards to the coronavirus. The measure for mandatory face masks in the open air has been annulled except in cases where there are more than four persons. The obligation for wearing face masks in closed areas, public transport, and taxis still applies. Organising weddings and celebrations is allowed at summer terraces – up to 100 guests, at half capacity, and mandatory distancing. Musicians will be able to be part of weddings in the open part of restaurants. Six people will be able to sit at one table at hospitality venues if there is recommended distancing. The capacity for sports matches in the open air is 30%, with the minimum distance being 1.5-2 metres. The measure for working in shifts or remote work has been annulled. The curfew from midnight to 4 am will continue until 15 June.