Latest Reactions of Zaev and Mickoski to Bulgaria Issue

PM Zoran Zaev is without concrete details about the Portuguese non-paper and guarantees being demanded by Bulgaria. He said on Thursday the roadmap for inter-sectoral cooperation was being considered in the frames of the Foreign Ministry. In his view, it is important to prepare it so that the intergovernmental conference is achieved as well. With regards to the guarantees, Zaev’s stand is that it is about more efficient realisation of the 2017 Skopje-Sofia deal. On the other hand, VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski stated that he had alarming information about secret negotiations on alleged national treason. He believes that Zaev and the Special Representative for Sofia, Vlado Buckovski, are coordinating secret negotiations so that the declaration adopted by the Bulgarian Parliament becomes part of the negotiating framework with the EU. Zaev and Buckovski, he stressed, plan to sign it without a debate and adoption of the document by Skopje’s Parliament. “There is no crossing of the red lines! Let’s be ready for blockades and mass protests,” the opposition leader added.