Maricic: All Sides have Sat at Table to Find Model for Electoral Code Change

At a conference on electoral reforms, Justice Minister Bojan Maricic said that upon an initiative of his Ministry, all sides had sat at a table together to find a model for the change of the Electoral Code. According to him, that gives additional value to democracy and democratic processes in the country. “So far, several meetings, too, have been held also with the representatives of the political parties at which the manner and dynamism of change of the electoral model was debated. I am personally satisfied  that we’ve found common ground, that is, that we are very close to an agreement on the implementation of the OSCE and ODIHR  recommendations. However, now, the more difficult part remains, which is a final deal on the electoral model itself,” the Minister stressed. In Maricic’s view, generally speaking, there is consent among all parties for a change of the model, but the challenge is whether 1 or 2 rounds are needed for a mayoral candidate to win.