Grubi Holds Meeting with OSCE Mission Head Koja

The Minister of Political System and Inter-Community Relations, Artan Grubi, who also serves as First Deputy PM, held a meeting on Thursday with the Head of the OSCE Mission, Ambassador Clemens Koja. Commitment is needed by all political stakeholders in North Macedonia to efficiently solve issues benefitting citizens, it was jointly assessed. Grubi told Koja that the country continued to employ an all-encompassing policy in order to achieve understanding among ethnic communities, but also between the government and opposition over key issues. The meeting also saw Grubi and Koja discuss the Horrid Framework Agreement. Furthermore, Grubi stated that the Government was focused on functional good-neighbourly relations, in a European spirit, not only because of its EU aspirations, but also as a responsible country that wanted to contribute to regional and world peace, particularly as a new member of NATO. Moreover, he expressed gratitude for OSCE’s support in the democratic processes of the country, adding that the 2023 Chairpersonship was an honour. With regards to the issue of electoral legislation, Grubi said the focus was on the OSCE’s recommendations for advancement in that area.