PM Zaev not Very Optimistic Skopje-Sofia Dispute will be Resolved 22 June

On Thursday, PM Zoran Zaev will hold another meeting with Bulgarian President Radev, though he is not very optimistic that the Skopje-Sofia dispute will be resolved on 22 June. There are no negotiations on the Macedonian language and identity, it was said on Tuesday. The Portuguese proposal is on the table. Zaev considers it to be a good basis for negotiations. “We’re doing everything so that the integration path is unblocked, but I wouldn’t want to falsely raise expectations,” the PM stated. Regarding the citizenship law issue, the PM believes that the document can be withdrawn from Parliament and resent, but with a European flag, if that is in accordance with certain EU directives and regulations. Zaev said Parliament would one way or another find a way to vote on the text regardless of the fact that someone, for reasons that couldn’t be explained, was blocking it.