Criminal Court: “Vodno Plots” Trial Postponed

The Basic Criminal Court Skopje informed the public with a short statement that Monday’s trial in the case “Vodno Plots” was postponed.  “Due to the interest of the media and non-governmental organizations that follow the main hearing on the case known as “Vodno Plots”, we inform the public that due to the request of the defense for translation of the evidence of the Public Prosecutor’s Office submitted in English, into Macedonian, as well as the involvement of the lawyer ex officio in the case designated by the prosecution as “TNT”, today’s trial for “Vodno Plots” is postponed. The main hearing continues on 19 August 2021 at 10:00, for which the parties in the procedure have already been notified, informs the Basic Criminal Court Skopje,” stands in the Court’s press release.