Lenarcic: EU to Help North Macedonia in Dealing with Fires

European Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management Janez Lenarcic announced via Twitter that the EU will send to North Macedonia firefighting vehicles and personnel to assist the efforts for dealing with the active wildfires. “The EU is sending additional firefighting capacities to Greece and North Macedonia to support the local response. Help is coming from Austria, Bulgaria, France and Sweden, as well as from the EU’s Copernicus satellite,” Lenarcic wrote. In meantime, firefighting teams from Bulgaria and Slovenia arrived in North Macedonia and on Thursday they joined the teams of the Macedonian Army (ARM) and firefighters who intervene over the fire near Pehcevo and Delcevo. Defence Minister Radmila Sekerinska thanked her Slovenian counterpart, Defence Minister Matej Tonin, for deploying the Slovenian teams in the country. On terrain also are the 4 helicopters from Serbia, as well as firefighting vehicles and teams from Bulgaria.