Osmani: News from Official Sofia not Encouraging

Foreign Affairs Minister Bujar Osmani said at a press conference that the news coming from official Sofia concerning the negotiations for overcoming the bilateral issues that block the accession of the country in EU are not encouraging.  “Bulgaria is yet to get its new political government and have its state institutions established. However, the latest events there indicate that the country may have to organise a third parliamentary election this year. North Macedonia remains prepared to resume the dialogue with Bulgaria, as soon as a new government is officially established in Sofia,” Osmani said. The situation in Bulgaria complicated after the winner of the last election, the party “There is Such a People (ITN)” of Slavi Trifonov decided to return the mandate for formation of new government to President Rumen Radev, after which it is very probable that Bulgaria will have to organise a third parliamentary election by the end of 2021.