Osmani: 14 Citizens of Ours Yet to Be Evacuated from Afghanistan

Foreign Affairs Minister Bujar Osmani informed at a press conference on Tuesday that of the 75 citizens of North Macedonia in Afghanistan, the first group landed at 04:30 am in Doha, Qatar, while another group is on an airplane flying to Abu Dhabi, UAE. “At the moment, only 14 citizens are left in the NATO military base right next to the Kabul airport, of which 11 are waiting for the next flight from Kabul, while three have decided to stay in the base to complete the rest of their duties, and will later be evacuated with the rest of the military personnel of the base. Very soon, we will have all our citizens out of Afghanistan and safely returned home,” Osmani said. He also informed that official Skopje has accepted the obligation to take in 450 civilians that are fleeing Afghanistan amidst the Taliban takeover of the country. “The evacuation of these citizens is coordinated by the American organisation National Democratic Institute (NDI), and the expenses for their accommodation in facilities in our country will be covered by the United States, until they acquire visas to leave to third countries,” Osmani added.