Zaev from Bled: Europe is Our Family and We Expect Them to Accept Us

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev took part in the leadership panel of the Bled Strategic Forum dedicated to the topic “The Future of Europe – Enlargement”, the Government informs. “For us, there is no alternative to the EU. The situation in North Macedonia is like when someone wants to be accepted by a family to which they always belonged, and Europe is our only family. We will continue to fulfil our commitment to become next EU member for which there is no alternative,” underlined PM Zaev. “We have implemented all the reforms envisaged in the accession phase of EU membership, as well as all the criteria set in accordance with the procedures for the enlargement of Brussels. We have 12 recommendations and a final recommendation of the European Commission with the European Council that the country can start membership negotiations by organizing the first intergovernmental conference. We have excellent relations with our neighbours and we have overcome the open issues, which opened the door for us to be the 30th member of NATO. We have a functioning multi-ethnic society that is recognized as a model and example for others, and I hope that we will finally start negotiations on EU membership chapters,” said Prime Minister Zaev.