Zaev: If New Government Is Formed in Bulgaria, Solution Could Be Reached

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev says that all information indicates that Bulgaria, together with the presidential elections, will have new third parliamentary elections in November and hopes that after their completion, a new Bulgarian government will be formed, with which talks can be held to find a solution and to unblock the process of starting negotiations of Macedonia for membership in the European Union. “Having that in mind, I expect that at the end of November, the whole of December, we can complete the open questions because we have addressed them all already. As I said, through the roadmap we have fulfilled them, which mean guarantees through deadlines and competent institutions to increase the efficiency of the implementation of the Agreement on Friendship, Good Neighbourliness and Cooperation with Bulgaria. At the same time we are ready and I publicly appeal to them, to reach Bulgaria and to nominate both notes diplomatically, and that is the first note that Macedonia is the same as the Republic of Macedonia, refers to the territorial sovereignty of whole of Macedonia, that we have no territorial claims to either one of the neighbouring countries, including Bulgaria, and to send them wherever it is needed, including the EU, to Bulgaria, to the neighbours, to the UN, there is no problem with this task,” said Zaev.