Parliament Adopts Amendments to Electoral Code

Parliament resumed its 50th session, on the agenda of which are about forty draft laws in the first and second reading, decisions, authentic interpretations, as well as annual reports and started working at a new 52nd session, with a single item on the agenda Draft-Law on Amendments to the Electoral Code, in a shortened procedure, proposed by a group of MPs. The coordinator of the ruling SDSM, Jovan Mitrevski, said that the proposal was backed by all parties, both the majority and the opposition, and that it was a matter of changes arising from the latest OSCE/ODIHR report on the 2020 snap parliamentary elections. “The amendments cover all parts of the OSCE-ODHIR report and they enable greater efficiency of the election bodies, increase and improve the efficiency and transparency in the election process, specify, clarify and simplify certain parts of the process, the competence of the election bodies and other institutions. In general, all proposed amendments are covered and will benefit primarily citizens as voters, candidates, but also institutions that have their responsibilities in the election process,” said Mitrevski, who asked for the bill to be adopted in summary procedure, because it is not extensive.