Zaev: Joint Session with Kosovo Govt. Confirmation of Excellent Relations

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev opened the joint session of the governments of North Macedonia and Kosovo with another welcome to Prime Minister Albin Kurti, who is leading the government from Pristina on a working visit to Skopje. The first joint session of the two governments, said Prime Minister Zaev is another confirmation of the excellent friendly relations, close cooperation, continuous upgrading of mutual interests and sharing of common commitments for the Western Balkans as a region of lasting peace and full integrated into the EU and NATO. For Prime Minister Kurti, this first joint session is an expression of the will to mark a more intense phase of mutual cooperation, but also an expression of gratitude for good neighbourly relations. “So far, we have 44, and now another 11 agreements and that in itself speaks of the dynamic and comprehensive cooperation between North Macedonia and Kosovo. As countries with the same goals for European integration, cross-border cooperation and cooperation in the fight against organized and transnational crime, as well as corruption, this is very important,” added PM Kurti at the press conference after a joint session.